GL-X750v2 super slow connection

First post here and no I did not use the search function because im not 100% sure what to search. With that being said I have a 750x2 with AT&T in it. IMEI was changed to show an iPad and it is my personal account line. Stream saver is turned off. Speeds are good and there is no video throttle. I am having issues with it being super slow when connected to it. It is up to date on the latest firmware. APN is broadband, device type is wdm0, I deleted all offline devices previously connected to it just to see if maybe that would be the issue but its still acting weird. Any suggestion?

Might not have a lot of luck trying to use an iPad IMEI on ATT - in other words, they know it is not an iPad.

There is a check that is done on the connection, and they can tell what vendor/modem is in use, and if is aligned with the billing plan.

Can you set ttl to 65?