I got this router on Amazon last year. A reseller of T-Mobile called travel Data sold me a unlimited data plan for 85.00 a month and I could pause when not using it. They have since gone to buckets of data not unlimited and pricing is 129 -149. They sent me the sim card and did what ever configuration I guess. No I think I might want to go to T-Mobile on my own. I am thinking I need to reset to factory default, but so far I have been unable to get to the page to upgrade/update the firmware. I have done the reset button turn on power let the button flash 5 times. Change my compter ip to After all this it wants me to go to it does not work. not sure is caches needs to be cleared or I am not sure about being connected/having wifi etc. Thanks

Do you want to restore the factory settings or install another firmware? Your operation is installing a new firmware using UBoot.

How are the lights on the device displayed after you release the button?

You can try this with your browser in InPrivate mode. The device will not be Wi-Fi enabled in Uboot mode, so please use a network cable to connect.

Thank you. I got it reset or I think so. I was able to get in and update the firmware. I have been watching some youtube videos on this router. it still shows aT_mobile service as that was the last time it was used. I assume if I get a reseller sim card for tmobile that the new card would just slip in and turn it own. Appears all the setting that were there are still there. It show the AP for tmobile.