GL-XE300-097 PULI alwasy plugged in

hallo i just bought a PULI

i would like to use it:
From time to time while on the move

but primary as a backup of my home FTTC connection.
My router supports a double wan.

My fear is to damage the battery by keeping the router always plugged in and recharging constantly…

should i remove the battery?
will the router work in that case?

also i bought a refurbished unit and it takes long time (some minutes) after hitting the power button to start the lan / wifi. Is it normal!

Ty in advance for your support

bump any ideas? pls pls pls

I dont have a PULI or any special knowledge but I noticed this:

“GL-XE300 is equipped with a large-capacity 5000mAh lithium polymer battery … the battery supports continuous charging without damaging the battery life


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WOW Ty very much!

Great find!
now i’m very happy :grinning: