GL-XE300 has not added as subtarget and wg-installer has warning

I’ve just cloned the whole gl-inet/openwrt and switched to openwrt-trunk branch, however, I cannot find XE300 as a subtarget. I just compiled a minimal firmware and softwares.

Please fix this.

Also, the wg-installer from GitHub - freifunk/openwrt-packages: Freifunk specific global OpenWrt Packages is too old, which could lead to ./scripts/feeds install -a failed with warning that wg-server-installer doesn’t have a valid pkg version. Please sync with upstream.

If you need the whole built binaries directory to see the result and files, check (NOT accessible from China Mainland.)

Another suggestion: after check the FAQ, i just knows that you asked user to enable SMBv1 for daily usage, this is unsafe. please do not do that.

You may use your fork.

No. I mean I cloned your repo but still cannot find the XE300…