GL-XE300 Uboot broken flash update and stuck in loop

Hi, I ran a flash update form the UBoot interface and the modem is now bricked, stuck in an updating loop.

Loop step 1: At the start of the loop the Wifi LED light comes on and the interface is accessible saying the updates is in progress. Then after a few mins
Loop step 2: The LAN LED light flashes quickly for about 20 sec and the web interface is no longer displaying.
Loop step 3: LAN and Wifi LED rapid flash simultaneously for about 20 seconds
Loop step 4: LAN, Wifi and 3G/4G simultaneous single flash
Loop step 4: LAN, Wifi, 3G/4G and WLAN simultaneous rapid flash for about 5 sec
Loop step 6: Device reboots return to step 1

Trying to force a reset back to the Uboot interface yeilds no change. SSH interface is also down.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Kind regards


What type of device is it?

Model number is GL-XE300C6

I have test it.It could update via uboot web.

It should update firmware error.You need update .img firmware.