GLDDNS - is it working?

Hi all, in New Zealand 12000 miles from home and my OpenVPN has stopped working. Cannot access via - server not responding.
Have rebooted (via a neighbor) my isp router and gli router. OpenVPN service is started.
Still can’t connect.
Is anyone able to connect via glddns? Going a bit mad here…
@alzhao @kyson-lok

I have a gl-ar750s with v3.009, its glddns worked, what is your router model and firmware version?

MT300N-V2 2.271 was working perfectly before…

Looking at your private message. The ddns works fine but your server is down for some reason.

Hi, I’ve had the router rebuilt and cannot see the ddns
Router is in isp dmz, IP for router is correct and static, still doesn’t work.
Any ideas what I can try next please?
Happy to PM OpenVPN config file if that would help.
Thanks M

I checked your ddns and it is still the same IP.

So the problem is not ddns. It is your server. Pls pm your ovpn file and I can have a try.

Is there a way that you can test yoru dmz is working? Maybe the static IP is the problem?

Hi Alfie,
apologies for the delay - you are right, the issue was that i had selected Static for the IP of the router in the settings, not realising that this should have been left as DHCP.
works fine now thanks - also i upgraded to latest s/w and cloud services and these seem to be fine also.
I have another issue but i’ll raise that in another topic if i can’t find an answer.
many thanks