Gli-net-MT300N GL-V2 openvpn client firewall rule


Been having issue getting MT300N GL-V2 to work as site to site bridge, i have the openvpn server running on a physical server and MT300N GL-V2 is connected as a client

I was able to ping the lan on the openvpn server and ping other devices on that lan by disabling uci firewall as it seems the rules is not set correct on my end and this is why I am having issue

Please if you can help with the correct uci firewall rule, I am able to access the openvpn server and also access internet with the openvpn server public ip but cant ping or access any devices on the lan of this openaccess server due to firewall blocking it and I dont have the correct commands to allow it

Your help is highly appreciated

What is the openvpn server? Generally there is a settings to allow clients to ping each other.


The openvpn server is working well, the issue is the MT300N GL-v2 firewall settings, how can i enabled lan on the openvpn client on the MT300N GL-V2 through the firewall rules? If i to completely disable the firewall devicewide it would work, your help is appreciated

VPN, routing and firewall are very complicated.

I can only try and fix for a very detailed setting.
I don’t have a answer for all.