Gli-net-MT300N GL-V2 openvpn client issue


I own several Gli-net-MT300N GL-V2 in which they are all connected to openvpn server running on a local machine, the issue I have is they are able to connect no problem however they cant see the local LAN or ping any device

If i to take the same openvpn config and connect from a pc, I am able to see the full LAN and ping all devices so its not openvpn server issue or configuration

I wanted to reach and ask if there is a specific firewall rule or ip route I need to enable for it to be able to see the LAN on the openvpn server? as it does if I connect with the same openvpn profile from openvpn connect on a PC

Your help is highly appreciated

Do you want to ping each router, or ping the devices connected to the router?

First, make sure “allow access local network” is ticked in each router’s ovpn connection page. Then you should be able to ping each router.

Then if you want to ping device connected to each router, you may need to set up port forward which is the easiest way.

Thank you
I want to ping devices on the openvpn lan, how i can setup the port forward I also have luci installed on the MT300N-GL v2, your help is highly appreciated

If you are referring to router port forwarding to the openvpn server, this is also working as I can access the openvpn no issue and can go out to the internet using the openvpn server public ip, my current issue is I cant see the LAN network of the openvpn server using the MT300N v2 , however If I to use the same openvpn config file on PC everything working flawless

Any help on this would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance

You need to do port forward on the client router, from vpn zone to your client device.

When using in PC there is no firewall of couse no problem.

do you mean static route from lan subnet to 192.168.8.x ?

Port forward, from, vpn zone to 192.168.8.x


Sorry if i am miss described my issue, I have the openvpn server not running on MT300N GLv2 its running on a remote server (centos 7 machine), I just use MT300N-GLv2 as openvpn client, I can access the openvpn server which is running on centos 7 no problem and can browse internet using this machine VPN, the centos 7 machine is running on 192.168.1.x subnet ==> to a public ip

While the MT300N Glv2 is running on 192.168.8.x and connected using wan port to a router on 192.168.1.x subnet with different public ip

Now the issue i have that once I am conncted to open vpn, I cant see/ping any device(s) under the remote lan 192.168.1.x

here also my ip route

root@GL-MT300N-V2:~# ip route dev tun0 scope link
default via dev eth0.2 proto static src via dev tun0 metric 101 via dev tun0 metric 101
x.x.x.83 via dev eth0.2 dev tun0 scope link via dev tun0 metric 101 dev tun0 proto kernel scope link src dev eth0.2 proto kernel scope link src via dev tun0 metric 101 dev br-lan proto kernel scope link src

Any help on this is highly appreciated, I tried everything cant get it to work

Two things. First, by any chance are the clients connecting with the same credentials? That can require some fancier footwork.

Second, it sounds like you have two 192.168.1.xx networks in the mix here, once that the Mango is connected to and one that the openvpn server is connected to. Is that so? That is a major no-no.

What is the IP of the vpn?

Is it 172.27.x.x?

You should use this IP to access nodes, not 192.168.8.x and 192.168.1.x