GLi router blocking this forum?

I just picked up a GL-MT300A and AR150 and started setting up the MT300A. First I just connected it via WISP to my main router and to my laptop via ethernet. Everything worked, had internet, speed was same as from main router. I was researching some settings where google had the results as this forum and every page I clicked I got a blank page with the forum URL in the address bar. Did not see this with any other site except all the gl-inet forum pages. So I disconnected the MT300A and connected my laptop directly to the main router and I could see all of the gl-inet pages. Did this test again with the same results. Has anyone experienced this?

I am not trying to start something and am not a troll. This honestly happened. I purchased these because I could not upgrade my TPLINK MR3020 with OpenWRT CC (not enough space and not worth hacking a custom build of OpenWRT to make it fit and then run extroot to get the space back) and wanted a fast USB router I can use with OpenVPN (daisy chain the two when two radios are needed). Have to say I find this a little worrisome.

Also thought the DDNS URL at the bottom of the main settings page was configured in the router but after looking through the files it appears it is hard-coded in the index.html page so guessing it does not work without additional setup. Already have a DDNS and did not want something else pointing to my ip.


@je66, seems this is strange. We would not block our own website using our routers.

The DDNS can be disabled in v2.21, which is available from GL.iNet download center