Gli sf1200 vpn not in access point modus

Hi, I found out, the vpn isn’t available in the network mode access point.
So I switched it to router and connected the WAN PORT with my main router in input manually the IP address.

Now it’s not possible to open the admin site of the router with the ip of the wan port. I can only open the admin website with the internal IP address from the router. Is it possible to open the admin site of router with the wan port IP?

You need to open port 80/443 in firewall.

hello and welcome to the forum,

having ports 80/443 open to the entire internet is not a good idea.

could use ssh and do a port forward
use tailscale

Actually he has another layer of firewall in the mail router.


i was just pointing out that tailscale can be used here, as it can punch thru double nat.