Gli750s-ext stuck in u-boot after trying to upgrade

Wanted to upgrade from the 19.0x openwrt to the latest 20.0x, followed instructions by booting into uboot web page and then trying various combinations of the .img files, nor and nand, but it always just reboots and then goes back into u-boot.

When I’m pinging it seems to reboot, miss about 6 pings then goes back into uboot - is uboot.

However, if I disconnect the ethernet and then reboot the router, it boots up with only one light and then when I plug my ethernet back in I don’t get an address, just a 169. It’s like it fails to boot to anything useful.

Seems strange because I can get to uboot fine and it was working perfectly before my upgrade attempts.

I’m wondering if something is really broke?

Also tried updating the uboot and that also just reboots back into uboot and nothing changes.

Any ideas of what to try next?


Ah the problem was it wasn’t coming up with the “update in progress” screen, it seems to be doing that now after rebooting holding the button down.

Why wasn’t it doing that originally?

So did you finally upgrade successfully?