Glmifi wireguard ping but not browse to all

I have a really weird problem with my glmifi and wireguard setup. The glmifi is a client to a wireguard server that really is a VPS and the wireguard connection comes up nice. I can also connect e.g. a laptop or a tablet to wifi, and I can from both of those both ping and traceroute to various places like,,,

However, when I attempt browsing to these sites, some work, but others time out. Going to e.g. is fine, while going to times out.

If I stop the wireguard interface, things are back to normal.

upgrade to firmware 3.010+. There is a fix with the MTU setting which causes this.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Do you recommend





I’m sorry I don’t know the mifi line. But the ‘clean’ firmware is stock OpenWRT so you probably don’t want that. There is a mifi v3. I don’t know what that is or if you have that. If you know you do not have v3 I would suggest: