Global version of GL-E750 and XE-300 for Mexico

Hello everyone, i am planning to buy one of the following devices GL-E750 or XE-300 to be used in Mexico mainly. I am interested in these devices due the QoS control for individual connected clients, the built-in battery and small size for mobilty.

My main concern is about the compatibility with Mexico, i was not able to find a solid confirmation about how it workes in Mexico. I see that there are some versions especially the EC25-AF and EP06-A which includes most of the bands used in Mexico but those versions are missing the b28 which is increasingly used in Mexico and i would need that too.

I found the EG25-G includes the b28 and the others bands most used in mexico (b2,b4,b5,b7,28) for 4G which is my main aproach, and thats why my questions are in regards to the global version:
1. If the bands of the global version coincide with the bands used in mexico, is that enough to confirm this will work or are there something else i am ignoring?
2. The frequencies used for band numbers in the global version are the same than for the band numbers used in Mexico?
3. Are those devices unlocked for any of the carriers in the world and specifically about in Mexico? for example in Mexico are: Telcel, at&t, movistar, altan redes and a lot of mobile virtual network operators (virtual carriers) that uses infraestructure of the mentioned carriers

Thank you in advance!

  1. Yes it is enough.
  2. Yes.
  3. The device is unlocked. But pls make sure your SIM is not locked to perticular devices.