Good people, Please leave 5-star review on Amazon

Dear Users,

Thanks for your support to GL.iNet. We have been doing our best to make good hardware for you. Your support is really important for us.

We invite you, sincerely, to leave a 5-star review to our products on Amazon, if you really like the product and want to support our innovation in open source hardware. Especially for our new product, GL-AR750 AC Router:

We have a lot of users, but only a few left reviews. Unfortunately, negative reviewers are more likely to leave a review than positive reviewers on Amazon. There is a famous reviewer left a negative review there. I accept all of his critical comments, and I do want to make the product better in the future. However, you cannot compare an apple to an orange, right?

Good people, please leave us a 5-star review on Amazon!

Best Regards,
Alfie Zhao


I can vouch for this! Amazon is so very convenient and fast for buyers and I prefer to buy there.
However for sellers Amazon is very pernickety and rightly so as this is very good for keeping the buyer experience at a high level.
I wanted to buy another AR300-lite a while ago but I could not find it on Amazon UK yet Alfie confirmed it was in stock.
I did a genuine 5 star review (it really is a great device and fantastic value) and pleaded with Amazon to let me buy another. Within 24 hours it was back on. Iā€™m not saying it was my actual review that did the trick but I am very sure it helped. I used to not bother with reviews but after this, and with my own Amazon shop, I see it is well worth doing - if you like the product of course.
It does not even have to be a 5 star, just make it positive and mention any downsides you have personally found. This makes Amazon happy and, more to the point, useful to us potential buyers.

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You are a hero! Thanks very much!

I dont use Amazon in the Netherlands.

We use AliExpress mostly, but i canot find a original gl inet store on AliExpress.

We used to have Aliexpress shops, but we closed it because bad performance.

Shan , Please re-open them aliexpress stores again, and Europeans shall buy a lot faster, than thru gl inet webshop.