Goodcloud and Tailscale


I recently set up tailscale on my Beryl AX and realized that Goodcloud is unreachable for my router while tailscale is active.
Is there anyway to use goodcloud while tailscale is active?

They shouldn’t conflict.
Are you using exit nodes? If yes, Can exit node access Goodcloud?

I am not using exit nodes.
However, now without any changes the device is online on goodcloud.


Edit: but it seems that goodcloud is extremely slow. Especially when it come to recognizing a fallback from repeater to LTE.

I don’t understand what this refers to?
Will goodcloud show the device offline for a period of time when repeater disconnects and reconnects with LTE?

exactly. GLinet app via goodcloud shows the device beeing offline way longer than it acutally is. That means, even if I am able to access iit via tailscale again, goodcloud still show the offline state for that device.

Can you check the cloud log on the device when the device reconnects via LTE but the Goodcloud shows it is offline?