Goodcloud client on windows


do you know if we can add a client on windows, taht could be connect directly to goodcloud also?
i suppose that goodcloud, is like a “vpn”.
and i would like to add my engenering computer with a windows client that i can start when i want, to avoid to have on my bag always a gl inet router.

thank for your answer

We don’t provide client on windows, but you can use docker way to reach it.Plz visit GitHub - gl-inet/X86-OpenWrt. Maybe it would help you.

i think i find a solution.

i add a wireguard vpn server on my S2S server.
i add a wireguard client on my computer
on the server i connect the wireguard and the S2S together.
and now i can use my computer, without gl inet router. for can be connect to my goodcloud S2S.

another question:

can we have 2 client connected on site 2 site, with the same internal lan ip adress,
if they are not connected in same time?
because i have a lot of client side, the adress will be 192.168.0.xx

No. It does not support all in a subnet.

thank for reply.
in this case, how can i install different gl inet router (AR750) for can do some remote control, for maintenance on my client site.

i mean i have some similar machine, the configuration of this machine are same, they are not connected to a network.
all machine use 3 ip adress, the same one.

For each machine i want to install a AR750, and if they need some maintenance, i will ask them to connect tethering their wifi (or usb tethering).
and like this i can access to the PLC, screen etc…

how can i manage this?

thank you

Hey, I have exacly te same problem. I need connect to PLC and HMI by VPN.
I have One AR750S on office, and 3 AR750 on 3 machine at client.
Goodcloud is look nice for manage to set and remove VPN conection.
But the problem is that my router is not at the same LAN. connection between PC and PLC in not working by IP but by Ethernet. I try to bridge one port on my oficce router AR750S by GRETAP protocol. But is not working on the Goodcloud VPN, only if I connect 2 router by WAN.

I try today with Siemens plc and it s work.

I try also with Schneider plc and it s work also.

I have a server at home.
Each machine are connected by goodcloud to the server.
My computer have a wireguard VPN to the server.
And I am able to connect with my computer to the different machine.

The only trouble that I can,'t have à goodcloud system with all client with the same subnetwork lan.

Did You try in TIA Portal find device and asign profinet name?
If I have project and is need to look online what’s is problem is ok. When I don’t have project and need download from PLC, or profinet device is replace and need load new name is not posible by S2S VPN.

You are use only goodcloud?

You are right maybe for change a device name is not working well.

But maybe if you try by proneta???

For replace a device, under tia the best way is to use the network Co figuration and mapping.

Like this the plc give directly the good ip and name to the device.

You have only to do the real mapping inside tia portal

No, some function like change name is working only on layer2 so it not problem of program but the protocol.
Yes, I know solution with network topology and automaping device name, but is not always good solution.
On some machine we have 10 identical profinet device, all is conected to switch. Is some one change cable conetction on this switch i can be dengerus. Network topology is ok if all device has unical.

But ok, I found working configuration. GRETAP over Wireguard but not goodcloud, goodcloud is off. Wireguard is created by Luci interface. Gretap bridge one of lan port to second router so is L2 connection and wireguard is for protect two router connection.
I do not know wy is ont working at goodcloud, it would be easier to manage.

very interesting,

the topology is like electrical connictivity, we need to do very careful about where we plug a connector, like for electrical connection!
anyway is it only a point of view .

but did you manage to do a site to site configuration without goodcloud?
i’mm very interesting about that, because i try almost during 1 day, and all the time failed, i was not able to see the lan of each client.

i would like to know how you did it.

thank you

i don’t know about gretap, very good.
we can go very far with this in fact.

No, from LAN is only possible to see routers at wireguard interface. Probably some missing on config.
And yes it must be VERY CAREFUL.

A was plan to use is goodcloud to maganage with LAN access, and GRETAP to create pseudowire between one port on office router and one port at machine for situation when is neccessery. Maybe if I find why is not working by goodcloud I will do it. At this moment is have full access to machine, of course the customers connect router to internet only when they have a problem.

yes, exactly same problem…

when i do a wireguard config, i’m not able to connect on lan of each client.
actually i have a goodcloud configuration between 1 server and 2 different client (AR750)
and i add a wireguard vpn on the server.
i connect my laptop with wireguard von to the server, and i can be connect directly like this with all client.

For laptop I use a MEET Microuter is work prefekt with coogcloud when You are at travel.
For normal WG config is propably problem with routing table and firewall, maybe I check this when I will more time.

to avoid to use an other micro router, you can configure the wireguard client directly on your laptop and start and stop when you need…

if you find a other way tha goodcloud for can do it. i will be happy also

thank you