Goodcloud -device shows offline after OpenVPN set up

Hi everyone

My device now shows offline after I moved from Wireguard client vpn to OpenVPN Client on my GL-AR300M.

I set up a wireguard server on Azure to test it and everything worked fine, I was able to see my device online in the dashboard in Goodcloud, but after I switched to OpenVPN hosted by PureVPN my device no longer shows online and need some help getting it back online.

In PureVPN I added the option to port forward, they only have 3 options
Open all ports
Block all ports
Block all ports but enable following:
I selected the last option since I need to port forward some ports but I believe there is a port or ports used by Goodcloud that were closed because of it, does anyone have a list of listening ports used between my GL-AR300M to Goodcloud that can share with me?

If anyone can share of point me to the right direction I greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

Pls allow port 18883, 80 and 8080

Hi there

Thanks for replying but that did not work, I was able to figure it out, I enabled VPN Policies and only allow VPN Traffic to the host that I need it, I added the GLrouter to the “Do not use VPN…” and this fixed the issue, My PureVPN is up and I am able to see my device from Goodcloud.

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