goodCloud routing?

hi all,
I have this setup.
in the UK, a mango one, and in Spain, a slate.
The slate is connected using a USB dongle. 4G. all good.

At the goodcloud place, I set up the site to site, and its all working.

From home, connected to the mango Wireless, I can access the devices at the other side of the slate.
But when I connect to the mango using OpenVPN (its enabled), I can access everywhere in the mango side, but not on the slate side.

I have checked everything that I am aware of, but no way to get it…

Diagram for clarification:

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Try adding the following rules to the Mango router.
iptables -I FORWARD -i tun-SERVER -o wg+ -j ACCEPT

2 questions here:

  • how can I delete this in case its needed?
  • Is this appearing on the webbased GUI/ ?

thanks a lot.

it works.

how do I save it to make it permanent? after a reboot of the mango, it was lost and had to apply again.

its really appreciated.

You can append it in /etc/firewall.user
iptables -C FORWARD -i tun-SERVER -o wg+ -j ACCEPT
[ ! "$?" = "0" ] && iptables -I FORWARD -i tun-SERVER -o wg+ -j ACCEPT