Goodcloud S2S 16 Maximum Devices


we are a little company which build a s2s for remote support on demand to our customers.
On main node site we use a MV1000 and one client sites for the moment 16 x GL-MT300N-V2.
The clients will be only turned on when customers need help (so maxium 2 client nodes are online at the same time).

Now we will add the 17th device (GL-MT300N-V2), but we get an maxium error message of 16 devices in goodcloud.

How to fix them? There cant be an performance issue, because the MV1000 need only to route traffic to maxium 2 online devices.
Need to buy a bigger main node? build a new s2s with a completly new main node?
We need to scale these s2s everytime.

We plan to optimize Site to Site in the second half of the year, which will allow more devices to be added.

In your scenario, we should limit the number of devices started rather than the number of devices added. We will refer to this scenario when we optimize it.

Depending on your scenario, I would suggest the following scenario for temporary transition:

  • Create a new S2S network using one of the GL devices you have on hand and your 17th MT300N-V2
  • Subsequent MT300N-V2s, such as the 18th and 19th, are also connected to this new S2S network

Thanks for the information.

I hope you will increase the numbers of possible devices in one S2S in the next time. All other solutions are not very easy to handle, require manual routing editing on clients and so one.