Goodcloud Sign Up Password Issue

When attempting to sign up for GoodCloud, I keep getting the message “password strength error”. However my password meets all the requirements and the visual strength bar is green. I’ve tried this on two different PCs. For the heck of it I tried making the password very long but no matter what I do I keep getting this error message.

Any help?


I just tried, and it passed signing up.
Can you forge a password and show me?

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thanks for your help. I just tried again and got the same error:

Thanks for feedback, we’re checking now.

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thanks. please let me know if you figure out a fix. cheers

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We’ve located the issue. Need the next hotfix version maybe this week.
@Leo @songxin.yang

I tried again today but getting same result. is there any tips or tricks I can try to get it to work?

Yes, trick is to avoid using question mark for a temporary workaround before we release a new version.

thanks, that got it to work. i’ll change to my intended password in the future after you deploy the fix

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