view logs popup empty

I cannot view any logs from the communication with

Am i the only one who has this issue?
Reproducable on a GL-X750 and also on a GL-MV1000 with current firmwares.

Will we be able to restrict goodcloud to access some api‘s to add more security?

We have not thoughts that GL would access our router, but worst-case: if goodcloud server gets hacked it would be better to add some restrictions in front of the api…

There should be logs.

@Leo pls have a check

For the Cloud Operation Logs, I have check it on AR750S and AR750, they both work; but on
B2200, it is not work. I will check X750 and MV1000 after back to office.

Will we be able to restrict goodcloud to access some api‘s to add more security?
We want to develop this feature, but we don’t have enough resources right now.

There are some methods to improve the security:
Enable two-factor authentication
Using complex password and change it regularly.


Yes, there seems to be an issue on the X750 and the MV1000 because I’ve 3 devices where I cannot see these logs.

It’s good that I can improve security on your side by enabling 2FA ect. but it can also be that you’ve an incident on your side (Goodcloud-Servers), in that case it would be good if we can restrict some api’s from goodcloud.

I test X750 and MV1000 with 3.105, they both OK of View Logs. I will watch this issue recently.

I agree with you and will forward your requirement to relevant guys.

@Leo Can it be an issue with the Europe Plattform? I see that the XHR-Request has been done sucessfully, but the AJAX-Request returns no logs.

I also see this issue with the 3.104 Firmware.
It’s strange, because I have 3x X750 and 2x MV1000 where I can reproduce this problem.

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OK, I will try with 3.104 and Europe Server.
As I know, this feature only calculate the API call on router, it has nothing to do with GoodCloud Server.

I’ts happening on 3.104 and 3.105 - so it’s no changes.
Should I look somewhere on the router if a logfile contains entries?

@Leo any news here? We have still this issue?

I think it is a bug, I repro it on some routers. I had reported this to firmware team.

@Leo ok, i saw that it works until firmware 1.0.4, but after the upgrade to 1.0.5 it stopped working