Google heartbeat folder inside GL-inet app backup in iOS

Hi, I just made an encrypted backup of my iphone on my mac with iMazing, the software allows you to browse your backup files and also check for malware. Surprisingly when i looked at the GL-Inet iOS app i saw it cointains a folder named google and even a google heartbeat folder! I would like to know what this is and if your company secretly collects and sells this kind of personal information.

I am extremely careful about my privacy and am opted out of anything that has to do with google and certainly dont have any fitness apps.

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Did you try to check the content of those two files?

Our feature to push alerts from the cloud to your phone uses Google's SDK. if you don't use this feature, it doesn't collect data.

It is firebase_messaging | Flutter package

Thanks for your reply. i do not use any of your cloud services and never have. But the file does contain data. It's not what I expect from a privacy oriented company like GL.I'm a bulk buyer of your products and that dont appreciate google spying on my bodily functions through a wireless router app! Which data and how does it collect it?

No user data is collected and you can open it directly with text to view it.

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  1. The file you see itself is the configuration recorded when the App starts, including information such as the ID used by the service. There is no private data.
    This configuration is only used when alert service is enabled. It doesn't keep generating. If you delete it without restarting the App, it won't be produced again.
    If you don't enable alert service, it won't connect with Google and won't report this information.

  2. The only situation in which data may be collected by third parties is when a user manually turns on the alert cloud service. The user's mobile phone ID will be obtained by the third party to push messages.