Guest network users cannot access home server

I have a guest Wi-Fi network setup and a home server on the main, private network. The home server is accessible when users are using the private network, or when they are connected to any other network anywhere in the world - with the exception of my home guest network. When users are connected to my home guest network, they cannot connect to my server via my What I suspect might be happening is the router is trying to get them to connect locally, but the firewall between the private network and the guest network is preventing that from happening. Is there any solution to this?

Isn’t that what you want? Guest network block access to your home network? Otherwise allow them to connect to your regular network.

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Yes, I want to block access to my home network, but I still want them to be able to connect to my server though, just like they would if they were connected to any other network. My server is setup so that you can connect to it even if you’re not on my home network, so it doesn’t seem like this should be an issue.

Again… that may be the case. But I would assume your home network is on the same network as your server. Guest mode would block access to your home lan… you could possibly set something in the firewall or static routes that allows access to that local IP address…
But that’s above my skill set.

Is there no way to connect externally - as in, not through the home lan? Although I guess since they both have the same external ip address, maybe that’s not possible…

External IP address? Like they have a public IP address?

yeah, each device on the network has the same external/public IP address, including the server

On most firewalls this isn’t supported because the route will be terminated on the firewall itself - so there is no “in and out” - the traffic never reaches the internet if you target your external IP.

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Not 100% sure but try:

luci>network>firewall> scroll down to the 3 programmed sections and one of them is the guest to wan. Change the options to accept, there’s also a checkbox to allow both directions too… Enable it.

Not sure if the guest can access the router at this stage but I presume not.

Let me know.