Guest SSID

Hi all,


any chance to create a Guest SSID that does not see the lan but only se internet connection?





There is a “recipe” on OpenWrt for this: Configure a guest WLAN using the Luci web-interface [Old OpenWrt Wiki]

I just configured it and had 2 issues.

My interface is light green not purple, which I assume means something, but do not know what.

I also could connect to the device, but could not connect to the internet, until for the last rule (Guest DHCP) I added the restriction to the source for ports 67-68 (as opposed to any). This is included in the CLI config, but not the GUI config. ([OpenWrt Wiki] Guest Wi-Fi basics)

I do not have a way to test the LAN security between the networks.

The Interface color is determined by the zone it is attached too, and the zone color is determined by a random related to the name.

The green is not an issue.