HA on GL.Inet S1300 installation problem

I want to install Home Assistant on a GL-iNet S1300 router following the instructions from GitHub - gl-inet/home-assistant-on-openwrt. Since all attempts on the current firmware 3.203 failed, I installed the older version 3.023 (used in the instructions) via UBoot and thus I was able to install Home Assistant apparently without any problems.
But when starting HA with hass -c /data/.homeassistant the execution was blocked

The screenshot after interruption of executation will come in the next post because i can insert just one file in a post.
After a new attempt, as suggested in the instructions, the execution is blocking on the same step.

I am grateful to everyone who can help me to install Home Assistant on my router

Do you mean you installed on firmware 3.023 but cannot start?

Can you start using the following script?

start() {
  command -v hass > /dev/null 2>&1
        if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
            exit 0
        ip route add broadcast dev br-lan
        hass -c /data/.homeassistant/ &
        return 0

Also can you try this

Only works in 3.023

I use this instructions

when I try to install home-assistant on GL.iNet S1300 with the 3.023 firmware.

When i run this script nothing happens