Hardware help with 6416A please

I have modded my 6416A here with RTC clock / 1-wire temperature sensor (documented here on the GLi forum).

It has been working perfectly now for quit a while.

I was configuring it for a POE connection and accidentally used 12VDC instead of 5VDC using the TP-Link POE adapter and mini USB to barrel connector.

It is not working now. I have done much work with this device and would prefer not to purchase another one and redo my stuff.

I am sure I have rendered a diode dysfunctional.

Can I fix this or bypass the microUSB circuit and introduce 5VDC to the board another way?

I have a large magnifying glass lamp and small tipped soldering iron / station.

I will attach a picture shortly.





I think you need to push us next week. Everybody is still in Chinese New Year holiday this week.

Understood and thank you alzhao! IE: 2nd of February to 15th of February, 2017 eh?

Yes; here entertaining just connecting 5VDC to the labeled 5VDC point that I am using for the RTC device or soldering a wire to the other side of the fuse for a temporary solution.

That said also noticed a combo 6416A with POE and antenna on Amazon.

Amazing product!


Still looking to repair my 6416A. Is there an easy way to repair it?

Just purchased your new GL-AR300M with dual antennas.

Very nice. Checking it out for a friend here who needs a couple of travel routers.

I like the GL-Inet GUI.



can you check the U6 in the back of the board?And take a pic on it.Maybe the IC is broken.It will be very difficult to fix it.

Thank you z353664407.

Looking at the two ICs there doesn’t seem to be any damage to them…that said it is hard to tell. Historically with other devices I have seen first in line fuses / diodes go out.

I have not tested these fuses / diodes yet until I remove the board from the case.

Removed board from case and using a VOM to check for open diodes or shorts if possible.

Checked it out with a VOM and applying 5VDC to the RTC VCC connection. Looks to be shorting out VCC so giving up on it.