Has anybody tested this TV box to offload network services on a LAN

I passed by this thread on openwrt and am thinking of installing adguardhome, proxy and a few other services to something like this with one of the 2Gb/4Gb memory capacity boxes.

I do not currently own one to test and was wondering if this openwrt firmware package from Aug 2022 piqued anyone elses interest for using an old android TV box as a network appliance to compliment their main router w/o using a miniPC or other sbc.

The quad core CPU, 2Gb ram, 16Gb/32Gb storage and 100Mb lan should be plenty for AGH, proxy and a few other services without sacrificing an RPI for the tasks and this looks like it is small enough to throw in a laptop bag.

Just seeing if anyone has tried converting a TV box to openwrt and has any feedback on it.

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