Having problems with routing to VPN

Hi all,

Trying ti configure my own vpn using my own server. I installed latest openvpn (2.4.1) on my server, configured it and created the ovpn file. My router connects to the vpn just fine, but all the devices connected to my router aren’t getting routed at all. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. The tutorial mentioned that each client needs its own certificate, but I assumed that the router will nat all my devices. The vpn works just fine if I use opengate vpn and everything routes just fine. Thanks in advance.

server openvpn version: 2.4.1

router: GL-MT300N

So you only upgrade the openvpn bin file without touching anything else in the router, right? You still have the GLI UI?

One problem I met it doesn’t route is because of the server settings.

For example in my Asus router’s openvpn server I need to enable “Direct clients to redirect Internet traffic” and push “lan to clients”

It turned out that I needed to change the vpn config from tun to tap. Weird, because when I used vpngate’s openvpn files, they were tun and all my devices routed. Maybe because my vpn uses encryption and tls-auth that I needed to use tap. I am still doing more reading.


Thanks for the great product, I recommend it to all my friends.