Heads up Wireguard Users - Mullvad DNS changing next month

Hi Guys,

Greetings from Denmark :slight_smile:

First of all - have to compliment GL-Inet for the VERY nice implementation of Wireguard on the V3 firmware.

Holi crab… it was almost too easy to setup Mullvad VPN using Wireguard…

On my small GL-MT300N-V2 I’m reaching speeds around 45Mbit up and down (on a 300/300 Mbit connection).

however found this on Mullvads Blog - Don’t know if you (GL-Inet) need to modify Your Wireguard setupscript to handle this.

Just ran the wireguard wizzard and could see it is their old DNS server that is used.

just FYI

Have a nice weekend :slight_smile:

Edit: fixed typo in wireguard down- and uploadspeed

Actually, if you parse your configuration file with DNS server, will use it.