Help. B2200 with vendor's router

Hi All
I need help to set up my B2200 pairs. The ISP provided a wifi router. If I connect the cable to B2200’s WAN port. I can config the LAN and mesh without a problem.

The issue is I’ll have a ISP’s LAN (, and I’ll have another LAN create by GLinet ( I will have to manage 2 subnets. While some of the devices (such as smartTV) may connect to the ISP’s LAN, some devices may connect to iNet’s LAN, they are not in the same subnet so they can’t see each other.

I want to keep just 1 subnet. I plan to use ISP’s router as DHCP server and connect 2 B2200 by disabling DHCP on the interfaces.

The setup:
I change B2200 LAN IP to Disabled the DHCP via Advanced interface

The problem:
If I convert WAN to LAN on B2200, I can connect, the wifi client connected via B2200 can access the internet. But I can’t use GoodCloud to manage the network and config the mesh. GoodCloud keeps giving me the error of Device offline.

If I keep WAN port unchanged, the wifi client connected via B2200 have no internet access. And I can’t test the GoodCloud.

The needs:
Can someone give me some hints on how to config the ISP router and B2200 routers together? Thanks in advance!

I understand you want to have only one subnet. But seems this is not doable now. The mesh system needs to have its subnet in order to work.

If you do not need mesh, you can just put B2200 in Extender or AP mode.

Thanks @alzhao , will manual config possible (via SSH)?

Do you need the ISP router? If it’s a VDSL connection can you put the ISP router into Bridged mode?

Thanks @limbot , ISP router sit in the garage where there are three prewired sockets. So it would be good if I can use ISP’s router at house ‘gateway’ and put B2200 in the middle of the house to provide meshed wifi network. If as @alzhao said one subnet is impossible, then I’ll have to buy another glinet router and put it in the garage…

@alzhao will b2200 be able to mesh with b/s1300 via GUI?