Help getting docker to run on mv1000

staring fresh:
from openwrt:
inserted a microsd card in mv1000 and copied ubuntu-18.04.3-20191109.tar.gz to microsd card
ubuntu_upgrade -n ubuntu-18.04.3-20191109.tar.gz
switch_system ubuntu
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade
curl -fsSL -o

systemctl start docker.service
“docker service fails to start”
what steps are missing?

I dont know so much about docker, a check the follow. It can be its releated to your question:

It can be LCX container can be a not so hevy alternate for small hardware devices:

If you find a way to run docker or LCX container on glinet, pls tell.
I would like run MediWiki on on of my glinet routers.

the brume has a dual-boot capability where it boots. openwrt or an embedded 18.04 linux ubuntu. it also has an 8gigemmc. therefore although your links point to running lxc I can assure you the other hardware sold by gl-inet might not be the best choice from a computing perspective. this was for ubuntu and not for openwrt

You’re right. I guess the MV1000 runs on Ubuntu. I didn’t understand what Ubuntu was for in this case anyway.

If I’m not quite wrong, the MV1000 has no WLAN, so that you can’t connect a display via HDMI by WiFi software. Also I guess that the connection of a monitor via USB-HDML is probably not possible.

As you can see, I don’t even understand what Ubuntu is for in this case.

I used the term dual boot or. which could be interpreted as boot this or that one config but only one config is stored at a time. Actually It stores an openwrt config and and ubuntu config at the same time and you can alternate between booting either or.

I think you referred to this post

But it is not clear. We will update that doc.

yes I did refer to it but never anctually gave the link. whats sad is that it seemed strait forward and easy enough and yet still managed to incomplete the task :upside_down_face:

thank you for adding the link.

While, the guide will be rewritten next week. It does not explain clearly.

Hi, It fixed. Pls download the new firmware and follow the docs to make a test. Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks.

docker install working and docker service up and running.