Help installing package. Which commands?

I own a GL-B1300 conexa device. My needed plugin is no more in Plugins List on the Luci interface. Is it hidden or what do i need to do?

I need to install the xupnpd plugin.

Which commands do i need to enter to install the whole package? Any ideas ? Need your help guys. Newest Firmware already installed.

i also own a GL-AR750S-Ext where the package installing easy works from Luci interface .

xupnpd is not available for 3.x firmware software repository.
You can try to upgrade to 4.x firmware.

Please note mesh is not implemented in firmware 4.x.

Thanks this worked for me. Now i am facing other Problem. On 2,4ghz the speed is very slow, it is set to Auto channel. My router is high placed and not near/behind the TV . On 5ghz i got my Isp speed on 2,4ghz it is cut , just 50% of what i should have to got.

Any solution? Thanks in advance.

Try another channel and set the bandwidth to ht20 may help.

It tried it, there is no difference on 20hz, again slow on 2,4ghz. Why is it better to stay on 20hz? Could you explain a little bit and do you got another solution for me?

20Hz is better in interference environment, and usually 2.4G interference is relatively large.

Do you have a speed number?