Help me plz!

Please help me! I need a router where I can insert a SIM card and so that a proxy (socks5) can be attached to it. Please help me which router to choose for my tasks. The main thing is that you can connect socks5

And is it even possible?

Ask @Panpan I think it is anything that can run openwrt 19.03.00(ask on openwrt forum) or above.

You mean use socks5 on the router? Athough it is possible but I don’t have any experience in it. So cannot recommend anything.

Yes, I want to use socks5 on Puli or Mudi

I don’t know much about this.

SOCKS5 is a tunnel protocol that can work with any type of traffic TCP/UDP. One starts be creating a SSH tunnel to the desired proxy server, you can then send a HTTP(s) request through the tunnel, metadata will only come from the proxy server and not the client.

Allows for increased anonymity, access to different content, analyze web traffic and parental blocks

Does not provide any encryption for data and does not block ISP from monitoring DNS request