Help me to choose device

Greetings to all users, this is my question. I get internet at home through an Ubdo-NT alpha network, an external USB device, and a Melon N300 router ( LuCI firmware).
With which gl-inet device can I replace the router? Thank you.

What kind of device is that?

it is a wifi adapter, but external, with 8 meters of cable

In that case, I would assume they won’t work with GL devices, at least not with the stock GL firmware. Guess you need to flash full plain OpenWrt for it.

Unfortunately, I am not sure which is the best GL router for OpenWrt right now, maybe some other people here will know. (ping @bring.fringe18 )


Can you diagram your existing topology for us? It seems to be a bit unusual for what’s typically seen on this forum… or I need more coffee. Either are likely.

That’s a CPE, right? 802.11g but you seem to state you’re running it cabled to bring it into the building. If the cabling is standard Cat 5/5E/6/whatever it shouldn’t matter what router/device you connect to give it the WAN. That’s the easiest thing to do.

If you’re cabling via USB then… ya got a datasheet? I know I wouldn’t mind taking a look at the chipset. If this is anything like Alfa Network’s USB adapters, there’s a strong possibility OWRT would work w/ it, model & Linux dependencies dependant, of course.

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Hi, in simple words, i use an outdoor adapter with ralink rt3070 chipset ( USB wifi adapter) connected tò a router (melon) with USB port and LUci firmware.

Wifi adapter (outdoor) ------------( 8 meters usb cable) ----router (indoor) with USB

Hope i was clear.
Best regards.

And you say you’re already running a Mango, an older OWRT-based device fr GL not unlike my Certa? Pfffftt! The world’s your oyster… or should be.

The best way to check off the top of my head is to ssh into your Mango & post the output of lsmod. Use three backticks (```) before & after as new lines, pls.

If you want to go deeper here’s everything supported by a search for kmod-rt & usb. It is for OWRT 23.05 while most GL devices are still based on 21.02… but given the age of that CPE those drivers (kmod in Linux parlance) are probably still in there somewhere. I’m just not seeing anything specific for RealTek’s 3000-series.

Whatever you pick up for a model, try purchasing fr a vendor that offers a no-questions return window — like AMZN — just in case. GL directly or one of us regulars will most likely help you set it up if you have any trouble. Just keep the Mango nearby… it is your ‘known good’ device.

ps/ You can’t go wrong w/ a Slate AX… or a Flint v2.

8m usb cable? Hmm, I feel not enough power if longer cable. Best Cat 5/5E/6 cable and should be fit.

OP stated it already works w/ the USB cable & the 500mA of the Mango. “Feeling” has nothing to do with it.

Why can’t weebs ever pay attention?