Help replicating network from Slate to Slate Plus


I have an older Slate that works well, but I bought a Slate Plus and am having difficulty replicating the setup. I have tried comparing directly the settings, but mainly because of differences in firmware, it has proven difficult.

My topology is that at Home, I have a Brume2 running the wireguard server. Remotely, I am using the slate (and slate plus) to run the wireguard client that connects to home. The wireguard client only accesses the LAN at Home, while all other traffic is not passed through the vpn. I had set this up on the slate early last year and it works well. However, I cannot get the slate plus configured correctly. The slate plus is able to connect to the wireguard server and can connect to other devices on the Home lan, but I cannot make any connections to the internet.

Any help is appreciated.

Did you manually change the AllowedIPs after you exported the Client configuration file from Brume2?

If you are familiar with the WireGuard configuration and have modified the AllowedIPs, you can switch Proxy Mode to Auto Detect.
Otherwise, switch to Based on the target domain or IP and set to only use the VPN when accessing devices on your home network.

The allowed ips are the same on both the slate and slate plus client configuration. (my home lan subnet) and (the vpn subnet)

I’m a bit confused as to why I would need to change anything like proxy mode or do something so drastic as to only use the vpn when accessing devices on my home network when everything works perfectly on the slate, an older model. Surely the newer model can replicate the functionality of an older model?

Different proxy modes are considered for different scenarios of users, the default Global Proxy is mainly available to users using VPN providers. It focuses on preventing leaks. For your scenario, it is simply to switch to the Auto Detect mode.
In fact, for most users, modifying the exported VPN profile is more complicated. That’s why we offer the Policy Modes.

The new firmware will of course include most of the VPN features from the old firmware. Now, only the IPv6 functionality is still under development, all other features are already replicate.

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beautiful, thank you, switching to auto detect worked!