Help setting up as a router

Hello…is there someone who can walk me through steps to a router. My wife and I are staying in a hotel and we are using T-Moble mobile hotspot. She can work from but cannot be a wifi connection .She needs the computer to show as hardwired and with security in place please help us…I have many health issues and wants to always keep an eye on me…

Thank you so much


You can use any of the GL routers that have LAN ports. Connect your wife’s laptop using the LAN port to the router, then in the GL UI connect to the T-Mobile hotspot using a USB cable if it supports it, or connect to it with wifi using the “Repeater” function of the GL routers.

You can read more here:

we do not have access to the router since we are at a hotel…but i thought i remember once haviing the ability to show as a hard wired connection with a 192.168 port and the laptop was showing that

I thonk I got it, but the icon by the clock still shows as wifi…!

If you can give me step by step directions I would greatly appreciate it

You don’t need access to the router in the hotel, you need to have your gl.inet device connect to the wifi in the hotel, then run a lan cable from your gl.inet to your laptop.

What position does the button on the slide to be in? I have the gli connected to the tmobile wifi and the gli is connected to it…ran cable from back of the oc to the lan on the gli still showing as a wifi connection…need to show we are secure if job asks her and we need to send screenshots

the tmobile devce shows a 192 ip address and so the computer using a 192.168

It sounds like you need to disable wifi on your laptop so you can use the wired LAN connection.

disabled the wifi and it now shows the hard wired symbol and we are stll connected to the internet