Help setting up server/ddns

I just got the Flint for my home server and the Beryl AX for my travel router. I connected the Flint via ethernet to my home router. I have Spectrum and set up the port forwarding. I went to set up DDNS but it tells me:

“The IP from DDNS domain resolution is not the same as the WAN IPs of the device. You need an Internet Public IP address to use the Dynamic DNS. If this router is behind NAT, you may need to set up port forward in your ISP router. If you have VPN Client enabled, please disabled “Services from GL.iNet Use VPN” in the global options”

My IP from DDNS Domain Resolution is different from my Interface WAN IP

Help ;_;

Yes, DDNS is a mapping of a public IP address.
Wan IP is a local area network IP,It does not apply public network access.

Thank you for your response. Could you possibly help me with setting up this up correctly???

If VPN is enabled, disable the following options: