Help using a GL-MT300N to extend LAN?

I am building a long range wifi link. I have a vonnets unit with sma and long range antennas. It connects to the hotspot on my RC boat. The output of the vonets unit is ethernet. When I connect that ethernet to my android devices with a usb adapter I am able to use the connection. I connected the ethernet to my GL-MT300N with the onboard wireless network enabled and hoped it would offer me a wireless hotspot connection to the vonets unit. But unfortunately I am unable to connect through that. I must have something on the MT300N setup wrong? Any suggestions?

If I’m reading right you want to extend via ethernet LAN your current network to the Mango (on the same subnet)?

If you want to do this you would want to setup your Mango in AP mode ( More Settings - Network Mode - AP )

How do you connect? Can you give details, better with screenshot. Need to check if MT300N-V2 get IP from your router or not.