Help with GL-MT300N-V2 great speed drop on VPN


I have gl mt300n and i have setup vpn on and there is a massive drop in speed. Original without vpn i get 100mb download and 10 upload but as soon as i connect vpn it drops to 4 download and 1upload. I use both sufshark and nordvpn and they are just about the same. is there anything i can change on the settings.
Also I upgarde to the latest openwrt firmware Ver 19… and i have lost the original GLi GUI interface it goes straight to Luci is there anyway to get the gli gui back


If you are using OpenVPN then yes you will get a massive drop in speed. Change to a VPN that supports Wireguard instead.

Do go back from Vanilla OpenWRT to the GL firmware you need to follow the debrick guide here:

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Hi Johnex,

Thanks for the quick reply. so it is normal to get that much drop in speed? Based on your experience whicjh vpn is better and supports wireguard? the link you put in your comment is for bricked installation, i dont think mine is brinked because i can still log into it, it defaults to when i try to login and open to the openwrt gui but i rather prefer the simple gli gui which i find easier as i start thru my learning journey of routers and vpn

ps- i went from firmware ver 18… to 19…

Yeah you will drop more than 50% of the speed, sometimes more, so its not unusual what you see. The GL routers don’t have hardware acceleration for decrypting AES as intel pc’s have, so that is the bottle neck. Wireguard however was built from the ground up with modern encryption ciphers that are extremely fast on mobile devices (and routers without hw decoding).

Some providers i use are and Mullvad, both are great and fully support Wireguard.

You need to follow the decrypt guide since you flashed OpenWRT from

Vanilla OpenWRT does not support flashing other firmwares, so you need to flash via uBoot.

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How do you get the Wireguard to work on 750s. I could add it to the Wireguard client but no Internet access. I’m using the latest Default Release 3.104 firmware.


You might have come across this issue:

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Thanks very much for your help, contacted surfshark and they think they would have wireguard by the end of next month. I will look into the 2 vpn services you mentioned. also a quick one not sure if this is also normal, when i connected my mt300n router to my virgin hub3 box, the speed i get from it without vpn seems to drop at least 30% so i am getting about 70Mbps instead of 108

If you are connecting your MT300N as a repeater, then yes. If you are connecting via LAN cable to it, then its not normal.

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be sure to check if you VPN provider that support wieregaurd is compatible with your router - wireguard is not compatible with the AR750s.

it is connected via LAN cable and i have put the virgin hub 3 box in modem mode and yet I still get about 40% drop in speed