Helping a new user

The user lizby (Domino customer) on the OpenWRT forum can’t log in on this forum. (did not receive the login details)
I told to try again, but from the looks of it without succes. Can someone have a look at this?

For what it’s worth, I never received my login details either when I registered my first account “CWalther” with an email address (both on signup and when trying a password reset). “CWalther2” with a different email address worked fine. I couldn’t register “CWalther” again, so the account creation itself seems to have worked.

Hi, we can try to resend the email or password manually or just delete your old account.

I am checking which way is better.

Thanks! If you resend the email, it will probably just get lost again – the more interesting question is whether you got a bounce that indicated where it got lost, so that the problem could be fixed there. If you would like to try that again, go ahead, I’ll let you know if I get something.

If you delete the old account, could you then rename this one to “CWalther”? That would best from my point of view. Alternatively, if you could transfer the password from this account to the old one (or give me a completely new password), then I could change its email address myself to get reliable email notifications, although in that case I would forever have two accounts, since I’ve already posted as CWalther2. And finally, we can also just leave things as they are, it’s not that I’m extremely upset about being CWalther2.

We checked the mail log. The mail is reject by your domain The error message said that our domain is blacklisted and we don’t know why.

But finally we configure all the email send by gmail and hope it will work without these problems.

BTW: we cannot change a username. So we resend email to your first account.

That worked, thanks!

I’ll see if I can bring this up with GMX support to try to remove the blacklisting.

We now use google to send emails. So, just forget the blacklist.