Hi alzhao - glinet MT300N v2 tor setup with bridge/pluggable transport obfs4 how?

hi alzhao - with the glinet MT300N v2 using latest firmware lede-mt300n-v2-tor-2.2641 I have TOR setup and working thanks to your firmware. I would like to also add obfs4 or a meek bridge, how do I best configure this?


  • when I press/hold the reset button for 1 flash it does not change circuit
  • using Firefox in domino tor settings WiFi does not find any networks, chrome does, works fine
  • how is my anonymity impacted using this tor router, should I be browsing only with firefox and tor extensions installed as much as possible?
  • lastly, when tor is connected in the router and switch is to the left the tor browser bundle appears to still connects properly, sound right?

looking forward to your help

Can you use firmware v3.x? V2.x is too old.

Not sure how to set up obfs4 now.

1 press of reset button does nothing.

Clear your firefox browser cache and it should work.

If you use Tor browser, Tor is always connected. Your router does not matter.

I can use 3.x yes, 2.x is too old meaning what? Security issues?

How do I change circuits with the reset button?

I’m using linux and want to download packages via terminal via tor and obfs4, how could I arrange this if my router is not set to TOR?

Thanks for writing me