Hitron CGNV4 Router can't see GL iNet Mango across subnets

I have added a GL mango router to my hitron router. I can access the internet through the mango router with no problems. However, i can’t get the 2 networks to see each other. I think it is a problem with subnets but i am starting to go out of my depth of knowledge.

My mango router is connected from it’s WAN port into a LAN port on the hitron router.

Hitron IP is
Mango IP is (default)

Subnet on both routers is set to

How do i get these 2 networks to see each other?

Many thanks.

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Do you actually want 2 subnets, or do you want all the device in the same subnet no matter where they connect.
If the later, then (if I’m understanding correctly) connect the Hitron to the LAN port. You can also flip the WAN port to be a second LAN port.

I only want the Apple TV to be through the gl inet router as that has the vpn. I don’t want any other machines to go through that vpn.

Would you solution still work?

What doesn’t work in your original setup.

You connect the Apple TV to the Mango via ethernet or wireless, start up the VPN and it should work. The Apple TV will get an IP from the Mango ( and the VPN traffic will go out of the WAN to your Hitron via the IP it gave it (

I have exactly that setup, but with a Roku connected to the LAN of a Mango, and the WAN connected to my internal network.


Devices on the Hitron cannot see devices on the Mango because the Mango firewall blocks traffic from its WAN connecction, unless you manually set up firewall rules.

Devices on the Mango cannot see devices on the Hitron because the Mango traffic tunnels through the VPN and through the Hitron, unless you manually set up VPN policy.

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