Holiday home captive portal not working

Hi all,

I have gl-mt1300 Beryl which I’ve been using with USB tethering so far. That works great.

However now I’m in a holiday home for the weekend and purchased WiFi access. I was planning to split by using Beryl, however that failed so far. I can connect to the parks WiFi network and I get the captive portal. Beryl stays connected but on Beryl’s clients I get the same landing page, other then that no connection to internet.

Any suggestions on how to proceed to be able to properly use Beryl as repeater? Or is this Park’s WiFi just very well configured that they have closed the repeater loophole?

Thanks for your help!

Seems I’ve been able to fix thanks to some hints on this forum.

With DNS bindings off it works!

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I’m glad you’ve solved the problem. I’ll give the tutorial Connect to a Hotspot with Captive Portal.

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Many thanks for your support!
Great to see such a friendly and helpful forum!