Home Assistant on the GL-S1300

Hello, I’d like this topic to be the main discussion area for HASS on the S1300. Does anyone currently have it running? I just bought a HUSBZB-1 and will report it’s functionality once it comes in.

I’ve attempted an install via the github instructions, GitHub - gl-inet/home-assistant-on-openwrt.
I’m seeing errors when it’s attempting to install pyNaCl and Zwave modules. See this issue I started on the github page: General HASS error: can't find make · Issue #4 · gl-inet/home-assistant-on-openwrt · GitHub

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The HUSBZB-1 is here. Some observations.

  • S1300 see’s it as a wireless modem in the gui
  • On plugin, /dev/ttyUSB0 & /dev/ttyUSB1 appear without issue.
  • HASS attempts to install homeassistant-pyozw==0.1.7, but fails. No zwave is recognized in HASS gui. Failure is due to homeassistant-pyozw attempting to compile openzwave and failing to find the make command.

Had fixed the installation problem of PyNaCl and update in the github, please try again.

Has anyone tried on running on gl-s1300 Or Brume-W (GL-MV1000W) with USB z-wave or zigbee ?

No, I couldn’t get to that point. The OS and software available for it are just is too immature. I gave up. running it in a vm on my nas now. It’s not worth the effort at this time, you will be disappointed.