Home networking assistance please!

Hi everyone, looking for a little assistance with a home networking. I have the following hardware:

  • GL-AR300M
  • GL-MT300N-V2
  • Spectrum Internet + Spectrum Wi-Fi router
  • Netgear 8 port switch
  • Windows laptop + 4TB hard drive (media)

My goal is to simply setup a wifi network throughout the house that will allow everyone to reach that hard drive with Kodi.

I can do things wireless, or I can make cables to hard wire everything (which is my preference for reliability/speed)

Currently I have the laptop/switch/Spectrum equipment all located together, with ethernet cables running to the GL routers. Internet access works fine everywhere but I can’t figure out how to get clients logged onto the GL routers to be able to see the media drive (that’s plugged into the laptop directly connected to the Netgear switch.

Thanks so much!

I don’t know these types of routers but are they in bridge mode (and not NAT router) ?
As for Kodi, if you intend to play 4K HDR content, Wifi won’t be good enough and you’ll need wired Gigabit Ethernet.

Set the router in AP mode. It will bridge all of your devices to your main network and you will be able to access your HDD.

4k isn’t a requirement; we’re installing capsule beds in a house and each bed has a private Android TV inside. I ran ethernet to the routers, hoping that will be fast enough.

worst case scenario, the TVs have ethernet jacks.

Someone else mentioned bridge mode also, I’ll explore that. thanks so much!

going to try that this afternoon, thank you!