How can i delay ping requests/foul nmap's attempts at OS identifctn

reason: i want my Slate to look like a popular device or somthing bland and benign. because (im sorry folks) my damn government phone can defeat the Slate (im not doing anything muchatall so hardly ‘defeat’, but lets runs with it)??>?

iptables could block[on some ports] or delay echoing ping msgs right? that would help hide the normal nature ascertained by nmap…

the Slate isnt asking my phone about tor, vpn services, or anything industrial is it?

later today, in 12 hours, ill 1utfse myself 2see about stalling echos… im guessing the slate doesnt say anything about anything ‘industrial’ like tor/vpn to my lowly subsidized free phone so ill let this inquiry pause ftm.

the phone is a unimax U693CL. lots of these in maryland of united states

and im gonna update firmware. techsupport, you dont have to respond. im gonna figure it out :slight_smile: but regular members, im all ears for help. the support for the routers is damn good

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