How can I make a repository Packages and *.ipk for AR750/S

I tried to download -and subfolders- (for AR750 and S) whole directories with HTTrack Website Copier but I couldn’t… I live in a country I don’t have 24h and good internet connection to download packages every time I need to test things so I tried to have all in a FTP server or similar.
Any advices are good to me.

Seems like this should work. Maybe your internet went out while it was doing its work? Would be more helpful if you mentioned what didn’t work.

OK I tried with OpenWRT Index of /releases/18.06.0/targets/ar71xx/ -download page and no problem to download all things, with no filters, default mode…in it is not possible, HTTrack says 404 Not Found, I tried filters, etc in HTTrack. I also tried with Offline Explorer, same results.
What happens? Any solution?

ah yeah they are using an ajax page generator. you won’t be able to mirror it that way.

you could reconstruct it using the opkg information - I don’t want to go further into that though.

OK thanks for your help anyway !!

You can parse this XML to get the Urls:

Or you can use a download manager in your browser. Downthemall in Firefox or Chrono in Chrome.

Thank you for your help !

But same results ! 0 archives found with Chrono.

Johnex,I don’t know how did you made to have Chrono like in the picture you send, I tried and tried, nothing, always 404 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

I think nopro404 is right, ajax page…
—script src=“”></script----

I’m not an expert in this things.

Thx anyway !

If you are running adblock disable it for the download page, and try Chrono again. You just have to click on the Chrono icon, click the last icon on the right called “Switch to Sniffer”, then click on the Other tab like i showed above.

@David I upload all the ipks to Dropbox, you can download on this link.

Thank you very much, kyson-lok !!
Downloading right now. I see I just have to add manually Packages.gz in the kmod-3.0 folder as I see the routers seek in this folder too.
AR750S : Downloading
AR750: Downloading
How often are these packages and *ipk updated? Every new firmware?

They are only updated when OpenWRT makes a new release, so the next update of the packages will be sometime next month.

Sorry, I forgot place those folders to Dropbox, do you want it?

We won’t update those folders unless kernel updated. However, we will update our mirror version, like 3.1.0, 3.1.1 and so on.

Yes, please. I want not to depend to the internet when I want to install other packages.
Thank you very much, I already download the other folders…3 or 4 hours for me.

I have uploaded the kmod ipk, download here.

Thank you very much, kyson-lok.!
Downloading right now.

It is possible to make a FTP server and get Packages from FTP server or only HTTP server?

You can’t download from Dropbox yet?

No it’s OK, no problem with Dropbox!

I made a FTP server to test but I can’t Update lists…my FTP is accessible from the other PC in my LAN but not from the routers. I want to test packages without being connected to the internet but with FTP server I can’t yet.
Maybe it’s just me, folder permissions or something i just do wrong. I’m just a beginner in OpenWRT, I think I just don’t do things correctly sometimes.
Thx for your interest !

Did you read the guide? [OpenWrt Wiki] Opkg package manager

If you had downloaded all ipks to local, you should change the repo url by edit /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf.