How can I remove TOR on the slate AX?

How can I remove TOR on the slate AX??
I remember someone send a solution via email but I’ve misplaced it. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks guys!

Log into the GL.iNet Admin page go to plug-ins type: gl-sdk4-tor in search hit uninstall.

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Thanks I tried this but it says that the software uninstall isn’t supported when I try to uninstall. I remember doing this before by running commands in openwrt

I believe you are referring the command line accessed by SSH

Command-line instructions

Manage packages with Opkg using command-line interface.

Command Description
opkg update Fetch a list of available packages from the OpenWrt package repository.
opkg list Display a list of available packages and their descriptions.
`opkg list grep -e `
opkg install <packages> Install a package.
opkg remove <packages> Uninstall a previously installed package.

so it would be:
opkg remove tor (this should remove everything)

opkg remove tor-geoip(installed by default)
opkg remove gl-sdk4-tor(I think this is part of GL.iNet base files)

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Brilliant yes you are right
I will try this it sounds right! :slight_smile: