How do I translate GL inet's version e.g. 3.102 to openwrt version 18.06.1 etc?


Just bought a mango 2 week ago,
The most update stock firmware is GL inet’s 3.102, but the openwrt is indeed a 18.06.1

Before I buy a slate or burme, how do I know what openwrt they are in?

found some info… not so good seems all GI v3 firmware are still 18.06…

As Kyson wrote you also, all GL v3 firmwares at the moment are based on OpenWRT 18.06.1, which is the latest version available.

You are looking at a 2 year old thread.

There is a testing version for the AR750s of OpenWRT 19.07 here:

Brume and Brume-W come with 19.07 as default.

You can find in other threads why moving to 19.07 has been slow, but basically some bugs were introduced by the OpenWRT team causing random crashes on the Atheros based, without any modifications that GL makes on top to make the UI work. If the base operating system has issues, there is no point for GL to move to it, causing issues for users and routers that don’t work.

I just order-ed a Brume-W

btw, will mango also go to 19.07 then?

or like X1aom1,

some cheap device will stay in old version of kernel?

Newest devices have update priority, but yes the idea is all the routers will be on 19.07 eventually. There aren’t enough devs to push all the routers at the same time.