How is Wi-Fi reception on Mudi GL-E750


I’m thinking about buying the Mudi but I have a question regarding the WiFi sensitivity in repeater mode.

I actually have a Huawei 4G mobile hotspot that have a WiFi repeater function, but the sensitivity is quite bad. At the same spot where the Huawei mobile WiFi would be unstable and have very low throughout on the repeated signal, a 20 euro tp link repeater had a stable 20 Mbps output. On my phone, the connection would also be stable but at a lower rate of about 12 Mbps.

Do you know if the Mudi would be more like the Huawei, the phone or the tp link repeater ?

This sounds like a not so important question, but in an environment where you want to repeat a low WiFi signal, this makes all the difference.


This is hard to answer since it depends on your actual environment and wifi configuration etc.

As a rule of thumb though, the device with external antennas will win. I would say the wifi would be in your case somewhere between the TP Link and the phone, but should be stable.

Thanks for your answer, I hope it will be the way you describe…

I know it is hard to answer, but if someone that has the device has the possibility to check between like his phone, his laptops and his Mudi, it would still be a first hint :slight_smile:

Anywhere i test in Stockholm i get maximum speed of what the Mudi can do on wifi, so that is why i can’t give you a good answer, its just hard to find a place that has terrible wifi :rofl:

But do you get these speeds when the repeated signal is low? :slight_smile:

Which TP Link Repeater have you tried?

Just a simple TL-WA850RE

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As to repeater, Mudi should be good as it is professional wifi chipset.

But you should avoid using repeater when signal is not good. Because when signal is not good, connection may drop, breaking your user experience.

You also are suggested to use repeater on 5G wifi, not 2.4G.

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I just got my hands on the Mudi :slight_smile:

I have to say WiFi sensitivity on 2.4 GHz is really good, I’m able to repeat 80/85dbm networks with good stability and bitrates. I’d say it is almost as good as the TP-Link.

On the 5Ghz it is just okay, it works well but réception is lower than on my phone or laptop, you can’t repeat really low networks.

I don’t have problem with LTE reception either, even though I read people had some problems with that. I tried it in my home at a place where the reception is bad, and the Mudi still stays connected, I think it’s on par with any good phone.

Only issue I have is that I don’t know if LTE-A is working (I have the cat6). At a spot where my phone gives me 50mbps, the Mudi only gives me 15. When I check the cell status, I see that it is connected to the 700mhz band, where my phone says it is connected to 700+1800. How can I check that the module is using LTE-A ?

Overall I’m very happy with the little device :slightly_smiling_face:

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Carrier aggregation should by the module itself. On 700mHz the speed will be slower.

If you know the bands can you just lock the bands to 1800. You can do this using AT command.